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Motor Scooter
    1. YY50QT-10 Motor Scooter
      This 50cc motor scooter is the model with elegant style and light dry weight. Due to its small size, this electric scooter leaves the traffic behind and gives you absolutely enjoyment.

    1. YY50QT-28 Motor Scooter
      Wide and extended seat of this 50cc motor scooter (sometimes called as electric scooter) gives you comfort during the long distance rides. Its remarkable new twin front and rear disk brake ...

    1. YY50QT-5 Motor Scooter
      YY50QT-5 motor scooter is a motorcycle for riders that value the light weight. The high performance, quality construction and proven reliability of this electric motor make it an ideal vehicle.

    1. YY50QT-6 Motor Scooter
      At just 84kg dry, the YY50QT-6 motor scooter is extremely lightweight. It feels quick and nimble, and makes cornering transitions effortless. With an advanced engine,....

    1. YY50QT-21 Motor Scooter
      This 50cc motor scooter is light, agile and compact in size. This electric scooter can make your driving fun, easy and economic

    1. YY150T-8/125T-8 Motor Scooter
      Everywhere it runs, the superior design of YY150T-8/125T-8 motor scooter (often known as electric scooter) will distinguish you from others. And the great fuel tank contains 10.5 litres which offers ...

    1. YY125T-3, 150T-3 Motor Scooter
      This beautifully crafted motor scooter is a durable motorcycle. Easy to ride as it is easy to maintain, our electric scooter is ideal for riders who are looking for less costs and high quality. ...

    1. YY125T-4, 150T-4 Motor Scooter
      With its inviting design, it is the most eye-catching ride with YY125T-4, 150T-4 motor scooter in and around the city. And the ergonomically designed seat of our electric scooter can provide comfort for you.