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250cc, 300cc Motor Scooter
    1. YY250T-2, 150T-2 Motor Scooter
      The great fuel tank of this motor scooter contains 12 litres, which offers you more convenience during the long trip. With Jonway electric scooter, you can count on a successful trip wherever . ...

    1. YY250T, 300T Motor Scooter
      The safety of this motor scooter is guaranteed by our remarkable new twin front and rear disk brake system. The 12.0L fuel tank of our electric scooter will provide convenience for the long distance riders. ...

    1. YY250T-19, 150T-19, 125T-19 Motor Scooter
      With a sophisticated design, this motor scooter (often referred to as electric scooter) is very popular. It offers a fancy appearance with better performance and endurance.

    1. YY250, 250A, 150 Motor Scooter
      It is an excellent model of Jonway motorcycle, which offers large power and low fuel consumption. The great fuel tank of our electric scooter can offer you much more convenience

  • 250cc, 300cc Motor Scooter

    In many parts of China, such as Shanghai and Jiangsu, Jonway motorcycles are a popular form of urban transportation due to their low cost and easy driving position. It can be ridden without straddling any part of the bike and usually features a floorboard. Our 250cc, 300cc motor scooters are popular because of their size, fuel-efficiency, easy maintenance, and typically good stability. Powerful disc brakes permit rapid and safe stopping.

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